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Mr. Jalady, the General Manager of ETERNAL International (Tanzania), Visited Outstanding Dealer Fami
Come: Hit:2150 Date:2015/9/12


On September 5,2015,11 o’clock, the headquarters of branch of Tanzania, Eternal International company, a huge ninth mobilization meeting is on the way.


The new September represents a brand new start,also a fresh project and movement. The ninth mobilization meeting hosted by Eternal International, branch of Tanzania, aimed at calling dealers up to make reasonable and positive monthly sale planning, summarizing the sales performance of each dealers last month,claiming the mission of this month at the same time.



The ninth mobilization meeting, provides a good chance for plenty of dealers to make a better conclusion of last month’s sales performance, to clear the job duties, job planning and the job objective,which will arouse the enthusiasm of employees.It is of great significance to the long-term development of Eternal International company.



This meeting also represents the positive business culture of Eternal International. Work will be easy if a reasonable planning is made, a solid framework for job category is set at the beginning of a month. At the same time, it is a platform for everyone to communicate, to share the good experience, to conclude, to work it out together. So meaningful for the progress of the whole dealers group.



Jalady, the general manager of Eternal International branch company of Tanzania, gave an important word in themobilization meeting, which has set a goal for dealers, established the faith of selling and also made an important developing project for Tanzania market. The great hope andexpectation to the future of Eternal International arise among the whole group.



Just like each one of Eternal International company, they pursue the same dream to bring a bright future for Eternal International with great patience and passion. In the same way, Eternal International, following the development guideline “talents first, project top”, made numerous people’s dreams come true. Based on this point, we shall make progress together following the business culture “health, peace, wealth, love”.

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