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【Bright star】 outstanding staff - WU Zhen-qiang
Come: Hit:3752 Date:2015/11/9

Behind him is a Pentium majestic Congo River, as his mind steadfast dream flame that never goes out of mind.

His lips with a hint of self-confident smile, open arms to embrace the world, as his mind, inclusive magnanimous.


Photo, he owned an sunshine, confident, played by temperament. So inspiring. As long as he is talented employees according to international DRC branch Mr. WU Zhen-qiang.

Mr. Wu Zhenjiang was added by the end of 2012 in accordance with international long.


In the interview, he said Mr. Wu Zhenjiang, he witnessed the DRC in accordance with long international team of rapid development, as long as the people who depend feel deeply proud. In the DRC and brothers comrades common struggle of the day, his life valuable experience in the DRC's work, he also met difficulties and challenges, but is in accordance with long support of the international leadership of the concern and colleagues let him continue progress, he thankful, thankful according to old leader, Thanksgiving strength of the team. Like family, which is in accordance with the long unique family culture.

At work, Mr. Zhenqiang serious and responsible, is a typical workaholic. In exchange dealer team, he understand the difficulties and sufferings of life and distributors encountered in the work and take advantage of off-hours to fully communicate with dealers to their problems, according to the dealer for the team established a long international a positive corporate image.

Mr. Wu Zhenjiang, then usually, though not much work involved is very wide, small to deal with the problem alone, big bonuses to dealers, lecturer lecture schedule, all his work out its contents, though busy, he was always able to Quality efficient completion of tasks. DRC leader had given him: "serious hard work, responsibility to play," the highly praised.

Mr. Wu Zhenjiang is helpful with good character, his words, though not much, but always give whatever help people around the subtle, many new entrants in accordance with the language barrier as long as the junior partner, the early work can not be carried out effectively handy , Mr. Wu Zhenjiang are eager for help to improve their language skills and operational capabilities to help them grow rapidly, independently. It is such a selfless good character, we regard him as a big brother, affectionately called him "strong brother."

He is waht we should learn from.

There are too many such people like Mr. Wu Zhenjiang, their selflessness, their dedication, their noble, they order the same dream to fight and struggle, their commitment to the health of cultural transmission in the land of Africa, to build a world level according to old brand, is that they promote the development of the health care industry on the land of Africa, is that they build on a new splendor according to long career.

In honor of this, the struggle of all people in foreign countries according to the line a long time to pay tribute!

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