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Birthday of an Angle-- Nigeria family Gathering with Eternal
Come: Hit:2629 Date:2015/9/26
Sep 20,2015,premium reseller Qingwei in lagos hold a birthday party for her child in her house, dozens of premium reseller from lagos attended the party, chinese manager attend the party too. They celebrated the birthday in a harmoniously atmosphere , which created a hearting warming picture.

At bithday party the manager represented the eternal company sent a great gift and a good wish to the child , warming the heart of teenager by talking and caring for them.

On the birthday party the managers of enternal company communicated with the resellers and play with kids, they sang the Happy birthday  sang to the kids..

Health, peace, wealth, love  is the core culture of eternal company, love is the centeral of enternal culture.

Caring represent the sense of responsibilites and duty,  represent the deep love for afrcian people.

In the work, the eternal family and the resellers are bonded partners, also in daily life, enternal caring for the repid development and happiness of every resellers family, willing to afford the help to the resellers family and willing to share their happniess.

In the rapid development of Nigeria, eternal international company build the bond by the working and a conection by emotions, they grow the cooperting relationship by wining together and build a deep relation with the resellers.

This time, the birthday party can be a great witness for the relation of Eternal international company and african people. Eternal caring for the growing of those angle like kids and enlighting for the inocence and cleverness and caring for the development of resellers, we hope we can bring a high level living stardards to the local people and and hope we can create a new glory future together.  

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